#MayWriteABit 2020 day 14, 15, 16

Catching up again!  I’ve had very little inspiration for this sequence, certainly not enough for one post each, so it makes sense to do another combo post.

The main thing that comes to mind are memories of the horrible ages of 14 15 and 16, those awful growing up years, puberty, O levels and first steps into being ‘grown up’.

So, vaguely in order, some recollections:

I went to a girls’ grammar school, which was about 10 minutes walk from my house.  I was academically very good, but not socially [not unusual lol] and had only one friend from primary school. Always coming top of the class [well mostly] made some people dislike me even more, but I already expected that from primary school, so it only occasionally got to me. I learned that being funny made me more acceptable so I got good at telling jokes, the ruder the better!

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