#MayWriteABit 2020 days 17-18

I think my life changed most dramatically when I was between 17 and 18, 1977-78

Bottom pic- me at 17, still living at home.  Top pic, me at 17 having left home, returned, and met my future husband…and yes he was already a dad.

I realised I was not enjoying or succeeding at A level probably by the end of the first term.  I’d been chased by all my O level teachers to continue their subject to A level, and had a vague idea of becoming a teacher…but had no real careers advice at all.  [The ‘careers interview’ we each had consisted of a ten minute chat with a teacher who had a tiny wooden file box with just 5 career options in it.  I think it was ‘teacher’ ‘civil servant’ ‘officer in armed forces’, ‘clerical’ and one other.  Great.]

I chose maths, french and art, simply because I liked them and had done well in them.  I was... [read more]