This is a project from the middle of last year - a vest using the popular LB Pullover by Paper Theory. The idea was stolen directly from my friend Dayle who wore her LB vest to brunch with me - I'm really wanting to recreate her version (here); but perhaps she will gift her vest to me if I hint at it often enough 😊😊😊.


I sewed this up at a sewing afternoon with my sister-in-law, Lynne, who also sewed the same project. Lynne made hers in a non-stretch and my fabric has a little bit of stretch to it (but not much). Both of us were very happy with the results of the sewing afternoon. I added a few inches of length to mine and sewed it in a size 20 to wear comfortably over other tops.

I like this top but I've not actually worn it yet. I thought I might take it to London/Paris with us over X-mas and New Year but I just don't think I have the right tops to go under it... [read more]