All the way back in May 2019 I wrote a blog post for the Sew Brave theme month, all about conquering my fear of buttonholes, allowing me to make my very first, perfect waistcoat. I created a teal wool twill fitted waistcoat using the Belvedere pattern from Thread Theory Designs. And so began my dapper sewing adventures!

Learning to sew buttonholes may be a seemingly small sewing skill to master in the grand scheme of things. But learning to craft those neat little fasteners in my clothes also gave me access to something arguably more important – control over my wardrobe, and my gender expression, for the first time in my life.

I have always loved dapper looks and traditional formal menswear, but I never felt I was allowed to wear such items. It was drilled into me from an early age that if I was expected to dress up,... [read more]