#5 Sew Wizardry Wednesday


Introducing miss_vivekananadhan


We are already at week 5 of our posts, I have enjoyed sharing my finds and am constantly on the lookout for sharing the talents in the sewing community. Today it is my pleasure to introduce to you Ramaya talented fashion designer Ramaya aka miss_vivekanandhan.


1. What is your insta handle:  @miss_vivekanandhan


2. What is your current sewing project you are working on?

Currently I am working on my Birthday dress, It’s a burgundy velvet frock and thats the only rich fabric i hold right now in this COVID pandemic.


3. How and when did you start fashion sewing?

I’ve always been interested in clothes right from childhood. Whatever readymade clothes i buy it will end up loose for me, so I learnt basic stitching from my Mom for altering those clothes. I am a Software Engineer and worked in IT sector for 4 years, And... [read more]