I can’t explain why I am so attracted to wrap tops with ties! It’s a compulsion — put a pattern for one in front of my eyes and my lizard-brain kicks into gear, causing a rush of adrenaline, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. (In my world, apparently, lizard brains have what biologists have identified as exceptionally over-developed Sartorial Cortexes.) See my recent post about the Fibre Mood Wallys wrap blouse as well.

Frivolous at Last - Seamwork Elmira wrap top

This is the Elmira Wrap top from Seamwork. This teal green one is my second go at making it. I used a rayon-cotton-modal blend sweater knit which is the perfect soft, stretchy, luscious, comfy knit. It didn’t behave all that well with my serger, as you can see from some of the wavy seams, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing this a lot.


Which is a bit surprising, since I assumed the cropped length would make me NOT want to wear it. I... [read more]