On my first visit to Mood Fabrics in New York, I didn't have anything specific I was shopping for, so I decided on some silk from the beautiful section of choices. When I looked on the website later, the shade of the grey I came home with might be the one named "moonstruck"--and if not, I'm pretending it is. It had me under some kind of a spell, because it drove me a bit loony by the end. The pattern actually, not the fabric.

The Pattern

Silk is a bit--bouncy? Lofty? So you won't get the kind of weighted drape you might want. But the main problem I had with this pattern involved the neckline band, an area that has given me problems on similar patterns. It is challenging to get these bands precise and even, and it is obvious if they are only slightly off.

 There was no way I could get the back collar band to fit the neckline. This may have been my... [read more]