The deadline for #thegreatmodulesewalong is today, so I managed to scrape in by the skin of my teeth. I haven’t been getting a ton of sewing done since the Coronavirus stepped up and changed our daily routine (in fact, my sewjo has been slow all year to be fair), but I was determined to finish this if I could, so put in a good few hours at the weekend and managed to succeed without cutting any corners. I wrote about my plans and the challenge background here back in February if you’re interested or haven’t heard about it, but, otherwise, here are the clothes!


The Clothes

Very briefly, the challenge involved picking a topper, three tops and two bottoms and I decided to base my collection around a spring coat I already had planned, which was Coat Q from the Atelier to Nani Iro book I mentioned in the last post, and last in the grid below.

The other... [read more]