In my wardrobe planning FB group, we are to plan our sewing for each of the four season. So, from January up until now I have been sewing on my spring wardrobe. Part of the rules also stipulate that you need to present the outcome by the end of each period. That time is now!

Drawing is not of mine competences

From January to March I’ve been sewing to fill my spring wardrobe. Usually I don’t make a mini wardrobe in my plans, but rather work to fill identified gaps. In parallel we are also working through the wardrobe architect series, having a virtual get-together every two weeks to discuss the topic at hand. It’s interesting, but also nice to virtually meet the other members, especially in these days when other social interaction is sparse.

I had planned to sew a variety of clothes. From lounge-wear, to a party skirt; from work-wear to a sentimental skirt. I... [read more]