I bought this lovely jersey fabric in 2018 at the Stratford PR Weekend, with this fun multicolour print that reminds me of coffee beans! And I know that at least two other PR members bought it at the same time :) But I have finally had time to find a pattern that could use it well. 

I picked up my favourite recent issue of Burda Magazine, the September 2019 issue. There are so many great patterns for me in this one! This easy tee was one I really wanted to try. It's basically a loose fitting, long sleeved tee, with the added detail of a tie attached to front and back left side.

I cut a 42/44 blend for this top, adding on a 1/2" seam allowance when cutting it out. I also ended up added another 1/2" or so to the sides at the hip, just to give myself some leeway, and I am glad I did. I love the fit.

The only issue I had with the fit was that I didn't... [read more]