I am currently in England and having been advised to practice social isolation due to my eldest daughter’s underlying health conditions. I am away from my home in Hong Kong. I am away from my husband, who I will likely not see for at least 6 weeks — if not longer — as he will be in enforced quarantine in Hong Kong after a work trip to Europe. I am away from our family friends, some of whom remained in Hong Kong, some of whom are still in different parts of the United Kingdom. I am away from my pets, my wardrobe, my oven, my Netflix account, and I am away from my sewing machine and all my sewing paraphernalia.

But funnily enough, when I came to the UK I had figured that I might be visiting for awhile and so I thought that I might be able to do some sewing. I had brought two patterns with me: the York Pinafore dress by Helen’s Closet, as I wanted to... [read more]