Hello there! How’s everyone doing? Strange times we’re in, strange times indeed. We spent a good bit of today outside in various spots where I got a few pictures and it’s just a weird thing to only see a couple of other people around (although that’s the idea of course) and to awkwardly try and keep 6ft between yourselves as you pass by each other. Anyway, I hope you are all keeping well and your loved ones are all safe. And let’s hope it all passes by sooner rather than later. There’s much more I could say, but I’m sure you’ve had your fill of Covid-19 news, so let’s crack on with a bit of sewing.


Victory Tank

I’ve actually had LESS time than normal to sew (unlike most of Instagram it seems) because my kid has been home 24/7. I’m hoping I can still squeeze my sews in for #thegreatmodulesewalong, but it’s going to be tight.... [read more]