Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide the current (at the time of writing, mid-March 2020) scientific evidence on the novel Coronavirus, paired with thoughts specific to the sewing community. This is not medical advice. If you have doubts on how to behave, whether you should isolate, etc., ask your doctor, not me. In addition, a note to my fellow scientists: this is supposed to help the layperson understand, so pardon my simplifications.

In Summary:

  1. SARS-Cov2 spreads via droplets in cough and sneezes produced by an affected person. If said person wears an appropriate mask, they may prevent others from getting infected.
  2. Given the shortage, disposable surgical masks and respirators should be left to medical personnel and people in need (for example, patients with COVID-19).
  3. Consider making a mask yourself, using tightly woven cotton in... [read more]