More theatrical shenanigans!

School have an annual presentation evening, and it’s a HUGE deal, using the city Town Hall etc. [And yes, of course it’s very likely to get cancelled, but meanwhile, we carry on] I was asked if I could help out with costuming a production number on ‘animals of the world’, saw a chance to make more wonderful Wintercroft masks, and said hell yeah [but no sewing!]

Eventually they told me they wanted antelopes, lions, cheetahs and monkeys, and lo and behold, Wintercroft have suitable masks for all 4, with tiny modifications. [I rounded off the ‘Jaguar’ ears for the cheetah, and changed the eye shape for the antelopes, using ‘Oryx’]

To save on painting time, I found some card of the right weight in shades of brown/orange from a school supplier, printed off the mask PDFs, and got ready to work.  The card was too thick to go through... [read more]