I can’t really remember how, or why, I wanted to get into sewing. A seamstress was something that I never really aspired to be when I was younger. Scientist.That’s the word that comes up often when I think about my childhood. Yet, at 27, here I am.

The author is pictured sitting on a garden wall, subtly smiling with his face in his hands. He is wearing green shorts and a white t-shirt with a blue print, somewhat hidden behind a leafy green plant.
Here I am! Shirt made using Sew-It Academy.

At this point I should probably mention that I’m a second-generation Chicano and a third-generation sewist (more on that in a bit). So far in my journey, I’ve found it empowering watching other people of color who sew. It makes me feel seen and reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to even though society might have skewed perceptions of me or my culture. That’s probably what caught my attention about sewing in the first place.

My first stint into sewing began in late 2018. I, of fresh body, spirit, and mind, decided that my first pattern... [read more]