There was some sunshine today! Hallelujah! I ran out and snapped some pics of some garments I’ve finished, but have been struggling to capture. I believe this year was a record one for Seattle in terms of rainfall (it doesn’t rain half as much as people think) and I can tell you we’re all feeling the long grey days… Anyway! Enough about that. I don’t make my son clothes too often, but when I do it’s in a batch and Joe was in dire need of new pyjamas and a couple of winter layering items, so I cut some out just before Christmas and finally finished them up.


The new garment I tried this time was the Brindille and Twig Hooded Vest No. 95, which I made out of this Albstoffe Quilted Knit Jersey in Dusty Blue (I see the light grey is still available and on sale). As with most Euro knits, the... [read more]