McCall’s 6436 shirt, black stretch cotton poplin, fancy ‘silver’ buttons.  Pretty much straight out of the packet, D cup front, no darts in back, and shortened a little.  I also reduced the cuff size as I have fairly skinny wrists!  I used the Folkwear Frontier shirt placket as usual.

Very straightforward, despite the sewing machine deciding to fight me on this one.  I cleared all the fluff out of the machine before I started sewing, and suspect I may not have bedded the bobbin case in properly, as it was stitching erratically for a while.  I took it all out again, changed the needle, cursed a bit…and it’s working again.  Good old sewing gods.

I’m playing about with some black lace and trim, as my theme here is meant to be embellishment, but I’m really loving the stark plainness of this with the fancy buttons, so may leave it alone.  Plans schmans.

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