We had my ma and pa over for a nice meal a few weeks back, to celebrate their SIXTIETH wedding anniversary.  SIXTY!!

She arrived [as usual] with various carrier bags of stuff- a load of net curtains for me to shorten, a bag of clothes to go to the charity shop, and a large carrier bag full of ‘lace and things’ for me to forage from.  My decidedly NOT crafty mum used to make those horseshoes that we all used to carry at our weddings- remember them?

Instead of the ubiquitous plastic ones you could buy, my great aunt had worked out how to make personalised ones, using a cardboard template, covered in silver foil.  She then knitted  a lacy sleeve for it, and trimmed it with ribbon threaded through the slots, and little fake flowers and things attached.  They then used to sell them, probably for peanuts knowing... [read more]