donated jeans

I was gifted a couple of pairs of old Lee jeans size 30”x30”.  The jeans were not in good enough condition to give to a charity shop, and the owner didn’t want them mended, so I felt entirely happy reimagining them as a pinafore for me. The pattern I used is one I made myself, based on a ready to wear garment, but it is very like the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo, and I think the Rickey or Callie pinafores by @thefoldline would work, or the Grace Pinafore by @thepatternpreacher, or the Penelope by @madebyjacksmum… There are so many you could try! 

taking apart denim jeans

I chose to take the jeans legs to pieces, undoing the hems, top-stitching and seams to get fabric I could use as the pinafore panels. The shape of the legs lend themselves to being used ‘upside down’ because the pinafore is wider at the hem than the bodice. I also removed the waistband and unpicked the belt... [read more]