Twinkle Sews / Wenlan Chia
NY: Potter Craft, c2009.
160 p.
I found this book while thrifting, and I must admit that I had no idea who Wenlan Chia was when I picked it up.

Apparently she is a designer, best known for her knitwear, who has had lines available in stores and on the runway since 2000 under the brand Twinkle. Her styles are quite young and runway-ish in this book, too, as you can likely guess from the cover image. But I'm a sucker for a book with patterns included!

Sizing here ranges from 0 - 16, or from 32" to 40" bust and 35" to 43" hip.

The 25 patterns included are broken up into sections: Everyday Chic, Casual Charm, Effortless Elegance, and Playful Poise. Each chapter has variations on skirts, dress, or unusual tops/tunics. They all have the Twinkle aesthetic -- natural fabrics for the most part, and either embellishment or distinct finishes... [read more]