When Sewcialists first hosted the Sustainable Sewing theme month in 2018, it wasn’t a topic that I’d thought much about. I even contributed a post called “Confessions of an Unsustainable Sewist,” where I admitted that I love poly knits and resource-intensive fabrics like rayon. I resolved at that point to at least make sure that my clothes were well loved, altered, and repaired; then, my wardrobe itself could be sustainable even if my sewing choices weren’t.

However, over the years I’ve fallen in love with one particular technique to be more sustainable as I sew: the Secret Seam!

Close up of shoulder and arm, with a patched seam on the back sleeve.
Check out the secret seam on the back of my elbow!

What is a secret seam? It’s when you piece together scraps with a seam so that you can cut your fabric in the most efficient way. Basically, an extra seam in a strange location that isn’t supposed to be... [read more]