I had the opportunity to go to Italy in the middle of January. It’s taken me this long to process the trip. It was a whirlwind. And I felt a little guilty because we had just returned from our family vacation to Disney World a few weeks before but when someone offers to fly you to Italy for a week, are you gonna say no?

Five years ago this week my friend Dana and I took a girl’s trip to Disney World. It was so fun. We went to the spa at the Grand Floridian Hotel. We saw every princess. We rode rides and ate all the things and just had a magical time. We decided to do it because our birthdays are in February just one day apart. I was turning 50 and she was turning 55 so we decided to celebrate.

This month I will turn 55 and she is going to be 60 so we felt like something great was needed to celebrate again and since Dana and Jerome sold all of their stuff and have been travelling... [read more]