Sewing is an expensive habit. How do you budget for it, or do you? Does your budgeting limit your productivity, or are you (like me sometimes) spending money that you don’t have allocated to sewing on fabric and other supplies?

Graphic: how do you budget for sewing?

Why is sewing more costly than ever?

Fabric prices are increasing due to taxes and tariffs, pattern aren’t cheap, and the relative cost of RTW keeps dropping. Of course, there are some exceptions — if you live in the USA, you might have access to $1 Big 4 pattern sales, or if you live in certain cities there might be cheap fabric in markets. The price of sewing increases as your size increases, or if you need natural fibres for medical reasons, and many other factors. For all of us though, the costs add up!

Social media also leads us to think that everyone else is always sewing new and beautiful things,... [read more]