Last year, Green Violet did this
I remake stuff all the time, so it was a fair idea.

This is what I was going to do
Make a pullover bra from underpants
Remodel / resize t shirts
Transform a skirt into a hat
Reweave some sweaters
Make socks into mittens
Refashion one thing into another
Make two tshirts into one
Mend something into usefulness from the bottom of the pile
I have no bingo, even with a wild card in the middle.

Unders: I have photos, for my reference only. It does not quite work, but not for the reasons I thought. 

Simply: I like a wider bra band than an pair of underpants can provide. That waist elastic is too skinny for me. BUT THIS DOES WORK. You do need to put fold over elastic for the neck straps, and extend them past where the crotch fabric goes, but for a light day bra, yeah.

T Shirts: oh yes
 Slice em off and hem em up. Rinse and... [read more]