I have lost my hat that looks like this:

Mine was red. It's missing.

I mean, look at it, its a tube with a top and sewn tuck ribs down the side. the crown often has same color embroidery on it, in a four point oval 'star' or similar.
The ones with gathered midsections are sweet.
photo from various

And in velvet (although this is just a photoshopped image from elsewhere, so not really but ain't it pretty?)

Meanwhile, my head is getting cold. I have grey wool coat fabric.
Made band and crown. Lined it with stuff. Sewed stuff on it.

This goes really fast, and I only got to photos at the last step (covering up seams on the side with wide fancy ribbon, purchases long ago at Treasures of the Gypsy at SewExpo (long retired)

The ends need covering. I have a lot of this ruler trim from the last days of Pacific Fabrics.
I sewed the edges with... [read more]