Timbau – a membranaphone instrument, conical in shape, used for samba-reggae music. Originated in Salvador, capital of Bahia, a state in Brazil.

I bought a second hand pair of congas. Fantastic sound, breathtaking quality, super bargain price. And incredibly heavy! Far too heavy for me to lift in and out of my car routinely.




I went to a conference and discovered the timbau, specifically the festival series from Remo. I bought two, a green swirls and a multi-coloured swirls.


The skins can be removed to be a separate hand-drum, similar to a Bodhrain.






Once the skins have been taken off, they stack inside each other. Their combined weight is roughly on fifth of the smaller conga’s.

Clearly they needed a bag – to keep them pristine, sounding beautiful, and to make transporting a breeze. I measured, cogitated and designed.







I decided... [read more]