Almost all the characters need britches, and I started by digging through my copy of ‘Patterns for Theatrical Costumes’ but ended up using it for other bits and bobs.

I made fall-front breeches from S4923 for the Captain and Ben Gunn.  The captain’s were from a fabulous textured blue velvet from the Rag Market, which was only £4/m.  It has a shot effect with a gold thread in it, and lit beautifully.  Cheap as chips, but a bit too flimsy so had to be completely flat lined with some of the sheets I used.

I added shiny buttons at the knee, and they looked great!  [The coat was from the Lolita pirate pattern S8285, for a more womanly shape, the long waistcoat from this one, made in a cream curtain damask from my stash]

Ben Gunn got the same pattern in a stained old cotton from a bolster cover, pre-aged as it were, and some rips added.  I... [read more]