Everything I may or may not have mentioned up til now, and what DIDN’T work out…  PROBABLY the last panto post, you’ll be relieved to know!

  1.  the parrot costume.  After Billy Bones hands over the treasure map and dies, the actor was thrust back on stage to act as Long John Silver’s missing parrot for a while…  cape made from stash, feathers freehand pinked from appropriate stash remnants, parrot features copied from this tutorial in felt from stash.  Elastic wrist loops and ribbon ties for the hood.  It went down a storm!
the understudy
the real deal

2. The sailor suit.  This was made from another of my not-large-enough-any-more duvet covers, which JUST HAPPENED to be white with blue ribbon trim and pintucks, so I cut to use them to their best advantage.  This was one of my rare attempts at draping on the body, so a sort of freehand bit of work made to look... [read more]