Shirts shirts frilly pirate shirts.

Just 9 cast members, most with one costume only, still means a fair few shirts.

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Related imageRequirements- Long John Silver, Cap’n Smollett [my Gentleman Jack inspired outfit], Jim Hawkins [going with the Harry Styles look], 2 sidekick pirates [one ‘snobbish’ one ‘sexy’], tattered for Ben Gunn, scruffy for Bones, plus two wenches [one for the Dame]

So I got cracking, having scoured the local charity shops for curtains with useful linings and some sheets:

Ben Gunn got a very nicely faded, very softly washed striped shirt from a charity shop, ripped appropriately.  Half an hour snipping off tabs and adding tears, sorted!

Proper fall-front breeches from S4923 using an ancient, stained bolster cover.  Perfect!

Simplicity 4923 seemed like a good investment, shirt, waistcoat, breeches and coat, and even FAIRLY historically... [read more]