Another repeat pattern! November is 'Nother month I guess ;) I first made this Very Easy Vogue 9022 in 2014, and really loved it. But my mom came to visit and tried it on, and looked so great in it that I gave it to her. But I started to miss the dress so have remade it -- exactly the same dress, in the same colour & material -- a red ponte that is similar to the original, but a little heavier weight. 

And the biggest change was that I had to adjust the sizing just a little more to fit right! My pattern only goes up to Medium, so I had to grade out to about a large in the hips; I added just a smidge more this time around. I also added a touch of shaping to the back seam to add a 1/4" more width across the posterior. I think it worked out. I also shortened the sleeve as usual, since I prefer a 3/4 length -- that also helps to fit it on to your fabric since a long cut... [read more]