When we sew for others, we don’t just give them unique hand made items, we give them our time, thoughts, effort and love. And if, like me, you have a tendency to sew tired and get multiple sewing related injuries or have pets that enjoy sleeping on the WIPs, then your (and your pets’) literal DNA is entwined within the gift you have made for someone. On so many levels, you aren’t giving just the physical gift, you are giving a little part of yourself.

My first handmade presents as an adult (I made some pretty awesome art as a kid) were made when I was a very poor University student. I am talking “scavenging the shared house for food no one else would eat because it was out of date or mouldy, and down to the last pennies of my overdraft” poor. I scoured charity shops in the beautiful city of Norwich and bought fabric that I hope my sister... [read more]