Giving Month
In 2018 my darling young daughter Lily was diagnosed with cancer. That day, my world tilted on its axis and I’ve been struggling to stand up tall ever since.

Photo montage of author with daughter in a hospital ward

During my daughter’s treatment we have been very well supported by a number of charities. I never thought we’d be the kind of family who would need such support. We both had good jobs, had good health and had taken all sorts of insurances out. Sadly we hadn’t expected our child to get sick.
The truth of the issue is, if you put aside all the emotional and physical hardships of cancer, cancer also costs. Here in the UK at least we have free healthcare but it still costs to get cancer treatment. It costs carers to take time off work to support their children going through treatment (I haven’t been to work in a year), living in hospital with no... [read more]