Last week I gave just an overview of my three days with Gertie in Beacon, NY. Today I want to show you what we did to each of the muslin bodices I brought to class and how we changed the patterns to match the changes that were needed.

I started with the princess seam bodice. The pattern for this bodice came from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book. I hadn’t made this particular bodice on my own before this class so I measured the pattern pieces and traced and cut the size closest to my body measurements. I just sewed it up and added a zipper and off I went to class.

When I put the muslin on in class Gretchen pinched out any extra fabric and pinned it until the fit felt right. I did add sleeves to this muslin because the arms have been tight in the past. You can see in the photo above that the re was extra fabric in the shoulder and the top of the princess seam... [read more]