I asked Seanna Curler to write about historical costuming, since I know there’s a lot of interest in that topic. You can find her on Instagram @curvy_costumer. Take it away, Seanna.

I have always been a step out of time. As a kid, I never felt that I belonged in the 20th century, and I was positive that I was more suited for a long ago time filled with fainting couches and billowing gowns.

I may not have a TARDIS, but I was given a hand-me-down sewing machine, and the very first garment I made was a velvet and silk gown with puff sleeves and flowing skirts. If I couldn’t actually BE an old timey fantasy princess, at least I could DRESS like one. 

Historical costuming is definitely a niche market. Patterns can be expensive and hard to obtain and they also aren’t known for being terribly size inclusive. When I first started sewing my own historical... [read more]