Stylish Wraps Sewing Book / Yoshiko Tsukiori
trans. from the Japanese by
X: Tuttle, c2017.
80 p.
Another book in my collection of Japanese sewing books, this one is a bit different as it is all focused on outerwear. (Even if a couple of the items can also be made up as a coat dress).

I'm not a huge poncho fan, but there is much more to this book than just a quick cape like the cover image. There are 22 patterns for coats, shawls, shrugs, wraps; all sorts of things you might wear over something else. Even if these poncho style tops are awfully cute.

Most of the designs are pretty simple, which is good, even if there are patterns included in the back of this one. I like Tsukiori's aesthetic, and it's nice that in these Tuttle books they are Westernized enough that there are patterns in the book and often a wider range of sizing. Unfortunately, the range here... [read more]