Last November – if I remember correctly – I came across an Instagram post announcing the classes Gretchen Hirsch aka Gertie would be teaching in 2019. At that time I was just beginning to dip my toes into sewing seriously again. I had a goal to get better at fitting my own body. It’s hard to do and one of the reasons my mother rarely sews for herself.

I know that I often look my best in a fitted bodice and full skirt that comes to the waist. Gertie designs vintage style dresses that are just that style so I knew she was the teacher for me. I showed my darling the class and he agreed that the class and hotel would be my Christmas and birthday gift.

It was the perfect gift.

Today I just want to give an overview of the class and then in my next post I’ll show you exactly what I did during the class and what I learned.

The homework assignment was to show up... [read more]