Trigger Warning: illness, loss of a parent

Grief touches us all, as it is part of the human condition. In this “Sewing Through Grief” series, we will be sharing stories from Sewcialists who have sewed through separation, death, illness, and recovery.

Young woman smiling at the camera.
Good makeup days need to be captured.

The last word I ever heard my father say was my nickname, Cint.  I hated that moniker growing up because I felt “Jacinta” was the best name in the world.  I felt my name was sexy, fun, sophisticated, exotic — and that it was so rude to give me such a mundane name!  I never let anyone call me that, but it was better than “Frog Head” or “Porkalina Green” that dad would call me instead.  But hearing it said for the last time by the person I loved most in the world flayed me in a way that no other word ever has, and no other word ever will.  By the... [read more]