September is one of the months that I have a love/hate relationship.  As a kid, I was always excited to go back to school and see more of my friends; plus I really liked school.  Now it is September Sewing Month and yes I did, I purchased two new patterns as well as some fabric from EOS.

The hate relationship as it marks the end of summer which is one of my favorite seasons. And now deja vu all over again with hurricane season.  Last year we got hit by Florence doing a lot of damage along the NC Coastline and we are a little more inland so not much damage.  Now we have Dorian which has meandered all over the place.  Last night it was back to Cat 3 and was hitting SC this AM.  I think (for now) it is downgraded to Cat 2 and still hugging the coastlines for SC and NC.

With the knowledge we gained last year we are much more prepared in case Dorian decides to... [read more]