A new sewing magazine appeared in the sewing community a while ago and it took me up to issue 5 to pay attention! Have you heard of Fibre Mood? No? Well, now’s your chance to find out more, so read on, as I promise it’s worth it!

I was vaguely aware of some of their patterns, but I did not associate the name Fibre Mood with a physical magazine until I saw it on the shelves at WH Smith a few weeks ago. I had gone in to browse through the current Burda issue, to see if I fancy anything. The answer was no, but as I had a bit of time to kill, I kept looking. And came across the big yellow cover of Fibre Mood, so I picked it up to see what they were about.

I started flipping through and saw one pattern that I fancied, then another, then another, and one more and I was only halfway through. My rule is that I only buy a magazine if I like at least three... [read more]