Portland Frocktails was coming up in a few months and after listening to the Dressed podcast episode on the history of leopard print I knew it had to be leopard. I also wanted to make a jumpsuit. The plan was to do a Papercut Sierra Jumpsuit, but I also bought the Paper Theory Zadie and Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuits too and had them all printed by PDF Plotting.

In March, I found some viscose poplin leopard print on Blackbird Fabrics and ordered 3 meters. Then I did nothing for a long, long time. About a week and a half before Frocktails I decided I should start sewing. I am technically out of the size range of the Sierra jumpsuit but once I did an FBA I figured it would mostly fit, and the top did! But the bottom was a hot mess and needed a full tummy adjustment and I ain’t got time for that shit.

So it was on to the Zadie! This is definitely THE PATTERN this summer. I’ve seen so... [read more]