… because you can always alter it! My Ashton dress is part of Helen’s Closet Ashton Hack Tour today, but the very day I wrote that post, I decided to change my dress!


You see, I liked the dress in theory but hadn’t pulled it out of my closet once in six weeks since sewing it. I’ve never loved the photos either… Something was not quite right.


The most obvious change is that I dyed it royal blue and then indigo! I used washing machine dye and I’ve never managed to get it very saturated, so I’m game for any suggestions you have. I like the brightness of the original colors, but from a distance the green and purple read as too close to my skin tone. I have fair skin and fair hair, so you think that I would look good in low contrast colors… But everything I do with make up and clothing is always adding contrast and that always makes me feel prettier!... [read more]