Crab and lobster headpieces from Wintercroft 

Downloaded, printed onto paper, glued to card, scored, cut out, and assembled with PVA.

Time consuming, fiddly, amazing FUN.  I find these so wonderful to make, I can’t wait to find an excuse for more…

Allow PLENTY of time!  These don’t have much in the way of instructions, apart from a brief key explaining which way to fold on the lines, and there is only occasionally a brief suggestion of assembly order, but basically you just attach tab 1 to edge 1 and keep going until finished, ignoring number order.

I found it useful to have a chopstick to help with pressing longer edges from the inside, lots of paperclips, and those brilliant little grippy clips usually used for sewing leather etc.  After making the lobster, printing on white paper and glueing to red card,  and then having to colour in all the... [read more]