Truly Victorian TV163 ‘Imperial Tournure’ or lobstertail bustle, and pocket hoops aka paniers [one ‘n’ only]  from the sewalong on ‘The Dreamstress’ blog

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1770s basket paniers
completed pocket hoops

I’ve made a couple of the lobster tails of course, and made some pocket hoops years ago, can’t quite remember why, but on that occasion I used the guidelines in ‘Corsets and Crinolines.

As you can see, these are basically much the same contraptions, having a flat piece which rests next to your body, supplying the tension for the wires/canes/steels.  The lobstertail is of course much larger, and the tensioning inner piece is just a rectangle, open at top and bottom.  the pocket hoops are, well, pockets.The ones I made years ago have a shorter inner piece, so you could [should you want to] gain access to the pocket from inside …not very practical.

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