Well, I’m going for it!

LGBTQ+-friendly theatre group ‘Pride & Joy’, production of Treasure Island, for this November.  The usual practically-zero budget, but a small cast, with most only needing one costume.  Piratical silliness, and a DAME!  A DAME FOLKS I’M SO HAPPY!  Oh, and a lobster.  And a parrot.

If you’re planning to come see this in Birmingham, SPOILER ALERT!

Of course, having done my preliminary notes and a collection of idea boards for each character, my main attention is on that solitary ‘female’ in the show, the dame.  On this instance, Dr Livesey is a woman, a drunk, and also black.  Break that mould!  I’m hoping to work in three costume changes, including a transformation costume for the final scene, where Dr Livesey [a woman played by a man] marries Captain Smollett [a man played by a woman].  Yeah.

Long John Silver and one... [read more]