I only started sewing clothing in earnest about two years ago, and one of the first dilemmas I encountered was how to finish my seams.

One thing that has frustrated me about sewing seams is that indie designers (nor the big companies, that I can recall) do not offer specific instructions on how to finish seams. I’ve encountered maybe one pattern (the Wiksten Baby Harem Pants) that explicitly showed a French seam in the directions. However, most patterns tend to vaguely state “Finish your seams.” As a newish sewist, I didn’t really know what this meant… I thought my seams were finished as soon as I sewed them!

Picture of French seams
Picture of French Seams from Oliver + S

Since becoming a regular sewist, I’ve started experimenting with a few different methods of finishing seams (my favorite being the French seam). However, when a pattern doesn’t directly... [read more]