I’m amazed that the first half of 2019 is already over! If you’ll recall, back in January, several of us posted our plans to take part in the #MakeNine challenge for 2019.  As we mentioned in our original post, we’re checking in at the halfway point to talk about our progress (or lack thereof) with our planned sewing for the year.


The #makenine challenge to me is just a sort of guideline. I’ve been bad at making all the projects in past years but getting better at it. Here’s a reminder of my guidelines and where I am at with them:

1. Ottobre coat Autumn/Winter 2017: I have the pattern altered and traced. I have the material for it. I’ll probably start it in the fall since I ran out of time in the winter and wanted to sew for Spring and Summer instead.

2. Cashmerette Chilton Trenchcoat: I have the fabric cut out and ready to sew.

3. [read more]