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I’ve started doing something I aways swore I’d never do. I’ve been making clothes for other people.

This is nothing about generosity - although given my rooky pricing it probably is - but about a need to earn some money and being absolutely terrified / totally unwilling unless I absolutely have to, to go back to my previous career.

This may sound entitled but I detested my job and industry (read misogyny; demotion when I went back after having a baby; never being taken seriously despite being way more experienced in my field than my superiors etc) - to the point it made me ill - plus the hours were long and that is not conducive to life with my kids. Also - I absolutely don’t know where to start in looking for a new career.

I will no doubt have to, but in the meantime the one thing I can do, with minimal overheads, is make clothes for other... [read more]