basket full of vegies

Handwoven basket from garden prunings

How cool is this? A lovely handwoven basket made from prunings from the garden. Just perfect for harvesting the vegies. The idea for the basket came from a recent episode of Gardening Australia (fact sheet and video here).  Making the basket is fairly easy, although a bit time consuming. The shape of this one is quite broad and perfect for harvesting vegies and fruit.  Finished dimensions for the base is 60cm x 35cm and 20cm deep

The main frame of the basket and the darker woven canes are from an Indigophera that I had to pull out. I’d planted it near the frog pond to give it some shade and somewhere for the birds to sit and preen after a dip. While it did it’s job, I only just realised that that the leaves were traditionally used to stun fish in waterholes. No wonder a lot of the pond-life struggled after it... [read more]