…well sort of.

I keep telling myself my list is down to one page, crossing several things off, then thinking of more ‘small’ jobs to do to improve things.  Sigh.

I was doing very well last week, using up all my gain time at work making or sorting or laundering things.  The rail is filling up nicely, the accoutrements like masks and wigs are piling up most satisfyingly.

Then on Friday, before school even started, I intervened in a fight between two girls and ended up sprawled full length on the floor [still holding onto the arm of one combatant.  I wasn’t pushed, I just lost my balance or slipped.  Anyway I got the wind knocked out of me, and lay there waiting for the laughter…which didn’t come.  I just got shocked faces and expressions of concern, which was a surprise.

Anyway, I took a while being patched up as I’d ripped my tights and accumulated... [read more]