The blanket that I was knitting for my daughter was put on hold for several months. I’ve finally gotten around to bringing it back into my active knitting in progress queue. I’m hoping to finish it before the weather turns cold. We’ll see! It’s been extremely busy, which explains the reason it has set on the sidelines for so long.

I’m also slowly gearing up to start spinning again. I know I mentioned that I would be doing that in my last post, however, that wasn’t happening. A few unexpected things happened which made me put a stop to most everything as I focused on finding the issues, with the help of my health care provider, and doing what was needed to improve. Outside of the wrist issues, that I had last year (related to the work I was doing) pregnancy (2003) and an appendix operation (1992). I haven’t had any reason to be seen by the doctor,... [read more]